I love what I do... The Arts have always been a big influence in my life. I grew up on it. My father was always in the Photographic Industry so it was just natural for me to follow in his footsteps.

I consider myself a choreographer of the day, while at the same time, getting to know everyone in the wedding and becoming instant friends and part of the family. This particular step is very important for me because I get to connect with not only the bride and groom but all the members of the family as well as the bridal party which makes it easier to capture the moment, not only with the couple, but with everyone creating a natural and unforced look.

As a Professional wedding photography in New York, Ive received a lot of comments about my pictures having caught the essence of the day. They say people look happy, relaxed, and not forced posed. The appreciations and compliments that are given to me are so wonderful, because it helps me enjoy what I love doing.

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