Booking a Wedding Entertainer

A wedding or civil partnership is one of the most special days in two people's lives and a day of celebration shared with family and friends.

The wedding entertainment you choose helps to create and maintain the air of celebration, turning the day into a really memorable event. Entertainment at a wedding or civil partnership has many practical uses as well, such as adding structure to the day and breaking the ice between guests.

A Magician as a Wedding Entertainer

Magic is the ideal form of entertainment for a wedding because it is versatile, flexible and suitable for a mixed family audience. Most people, young and old, enjoy magic and an experienced wedding entertainer will be able to perform for all ages.

Despite being more popular than ever, a lot of people have only ever seen magic on television. Seeing magic performed 'live' is quite a novelty for most people and will make your wedding day even more special.

Close-Up Magic for Weddings

Close-up magic and illusion is the most versatile and flexible form of magical entertainment. A close-up magician doesn't require any special equipment or facilities such as power or a public address system and will usually carry all his or her props in their pockets. Also, it only takes a few minutes for a professional magician to get ready before they start entertaining.

Compared to many of the things that need organising for a wedding, the close-up magician is easy - tell him the date and time, and leave him to it!

A close-up wedding magician will mingle with guests, either seated at tables or standing in small groups, and spend a few minutes with each group entertaining them with amazing magic. It is a great way to break the ice amongst people who have never met before because they come together while enjoying the entertainment.

It also provides a great talking point, even for those not directly involved in the magic at a particular time. While the magician is entertaining one group, everyone else is wondering about the sounds of astonishment and laughter coming from across the room. And those who have already seen the magician are discussing what they have just witnessed and trying to work out 'just how did he do that?!'

Close-up magic can fit into any part of the big day. There can be times at weddings and civil partnership celebrations when not much is happening, especially for the guests. Close-up magic can fill these lulls and turn them into a highlight. For example:
  <li>When guests are arriving at the reception or waiting in the reception line.</li>
  <li>While the wedding party are being photographed.</li>
  <li>While guests are waiting for the meal to start.</li>
  <li>Between the courses of the meal (especially if there are a lot of guests to cater for).</li>
  <li>While guests are waiting for the buffet.</li>
  <li>Between the daytime and evening functions.</li>
A professional close-up magician will not be too intrusive and will enhance your special day without detracting from it or taking it over.

Cabaret Magic for Weddings

If you want some really special and unusual entertainment, a cabaret magic show is a great option. A cabaret magic show usually fits in best after the wedding breakfast and is a really effective way to start off the evening party.

A cabaret show is a structured magic act lasting anything from 5 minutes to an hour and can incorporate everything from visual magic (objects appearing, disappearing and changing) to mental and psychological magic (mind control and mind reading) depending on the wedding entertainer you choose.

Most modern performers incorporate a lot of humour and audience participation into their magic, which is what really makes a cabaret show entertaining and makes magic stand out from other forms of entertainment. An experienced wedding entertainer will quite often want to get the newly-wed couple involved during the show but will check that this is OK beforehand. A professional magician will be sensitive to your wishes and will not want to embarrass you.

Unlike close-up magic, a cabaret magician usually requires some extra facilities and time to prepare their act. For larger audiences, a cabaret show requires a stage and public address system, which should be provided by most venues. Some magicians can perform a special act for a smaller number of guests, perhaps up to 20, which doesn't need a stage or sound equipment. This type of act can be performed in one room with the audience sat around the magician.

Finding the Right Wedding Entertainer

There are many challenges when organising a one-off occasion like a wedding, especially if you are not used to organising large events. Booking an experienced professional magician will make it much easier. Here are a few pointers:
  <li>Make sure the magician has plenty of experience as a wedding entertainer by checking their previous clients and engagements. Most should be able to provide testimonial or recommendation letters.</li>
  <li>It is very important that that the magician has public liability insurance because they will be closely interacting with your guests.</li>
  <li>Check that the fee you negotiate is fully inclusive and that there are no hidden extras such as VAT or travelling expenses.</li>
  <li>Make sure you obtain a contract or confirmation letter. A contract protects you and makes sure both you and the wedding entertainer are clear about the event.</li>
Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with the magician by talking to him or her beforehand. An experienced professional will be able to offer wide-ranging advice as they are likely to have been to many more weddings than you!

The style and personality of the entertainer you choose should fit in with your aspirations for your wedding - after all, you are planning for one of the most special and magical days of your life.

Best Man Wedding Speech Tips

Delivering a perfect best man wedding speech is a challenging responsibility for many men. While developing such a Best Man's Speech, one of the main dilemmas many "Best Men" face is to decide on whether to crack everyone up or to keep it safe and serious. There are many people who are not good in public speaking and doing so make them nervous. And if such people were asked to be the best man or the maid of honor at the wedding, he/she may panic. But is it such as a big job to deliver a speech to the public. No! You can also deliver a great speech, you are fearing as you havenít tried to deliver one before. What you need to do to give a good speech at the wedding is some preparation and be aware of the subject you are going to talk about. If you are well aware of the topic you can easily give a great wedding speech ñ here ìbest man wedding speechî ñ and keep the interest of your audience.

This article tries to help you in this regard and here are few tips that could aid one to prepare a best man wedding speech.

∑ Prepare yourself about what you are going to say. Take your time to think about what you want others to know about the groom and the bride, and what you wish them for their future.

∑ It is always a good idea to write it out (it is not necessary for you to carry the written point to the wedding, but writing is always appreciated as it will help you to remember and note the points once more)

∑ Identify yourself and your relationship with the groom and bride. This is quite important as everyone will not be aware of who you are.

∑ Speak clearly, slowly, and loud enough that everyone need to hear what you are speaking.

∑ Start your speech by thanking the parents of groom and bride if they have paid for the event. If the groom and bride are footing the bill themselves, donít forget to thank them for organizing such an event and inviting everyone to share the occasion.

∑ It is also a good idea to tell a story, funny one-liner or a joke, or use an inspirational quote.

∑ Let your guard down. It is ok to show your emotions. This is one of your good friends wedding, if not your best friends. It is even ok to cry or becoming emotional.

∑ Keep you best man wedding speech short, to say 5 to 10 minutes.

∑ Finally, end the speech with a message of hope and congratulate the proud groom and blushing bride.

Nowadays there are several websites which offers free best man speech with good examples of wedding speeches given by a friend or a relative, and of course you will find humorous free speeches also. Most websites also offer some of the classic short wedding toasts, touching wedding toasts, and humorous wedding toasts you can find if you look around a bit.

Before Your Wedding, Find out About Stag Parties in Brighton

If your senses can detect a good time follow your instincts and head south to Brighton for your next stag party. Stag parties in Brighton are becoming more and more popular, especially with the easy availability of seaside stag activities and a temperate climate that is conducive to outdoor partying any time of the year (if your definition of ìoutdoor partyingî is wide enough to include swaggering outside the local pub at 2 in the morning).

All jokes aside, Brighton is a beautiful seaside town full of friendly lasses, charming shops and cafes, and restaurants serving up the best of the best in local, fresh seafood that will delight your taste buds.

This location is quickly becoming a more popular stag destination for stag parties of all kinds, but itís quiet enough that if you want to have more of the ladies to yourself you donít have to work so hard! Prices are reasonable as well, so beat the crowds and make your way down to Brighton if youíre looking for a place where you can create great pre-wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy the beach or walk through the park mingling with local residents and a good mix of visiting tourists. Brightonís eclectic and vibrant social scene is something you donít want to miss ñ you will be amused and titillated, exhilarated and exhausted by the end of it all.

Donít be fooled by the sleepy faÁade this town conveys ñ youíll soon find out that Brighton nights are brighter than the days, full of vibrant people, a pulsating nightlife and all the beer you could ever desire. Brighton might just be the little city that could ñ the secret only you and your friends have discovered for your stag party.

There is so much to do here, including a Fringe Festival in May that lasts three weeks, that you wonít find time to sleep. But who needs sleep anyways? Itís overrated, especially when you are enjoying a few nights on the town courtesy of your Brighton stag party.

Become a Wedding Planner

The wedding business is booming! Every year, almost 2.5 million couples tie the knot in the United States, spending an average of $20,000 a couple -- making it a $72 billion industry. Planning and organizing a wedding is still a major undertaking and many couples simply don't have the time to devote to it -- and are more than happy to leave the planning to a professional.

The demand for wedding planners is booming too -- an estimated 15% of couples now use the services of a professional wedding planner. Being a wedding planner allows you to be your own boss; it's a profession that most people consider to be fun and rewarding -- and there are no particular educational qualifications or requirements. Around 10,000 people in the United States claim to be professional wedding planners.

As a wedding planner, you are responsible for every aspect of the wedding -- flowers, photography, food and perhaps accommodation for out of town guests. You also have to enjoy dealing with people, as that is essentially what you will be doing much of the time, as a wedding planner. And perhaps one of the most important qualities is simply to be well organized and efficient -- you don't want to find that you forgot to book the caterers for the big day!

Starting a wedding business is not much different from any other business -- although start up costs tend to be minimal. You will need a small office to work from, or a quiet space in your home -- keep in mind your clients may meet with you there. You will need such basics as a separate phone line, fax machine and business cards and you may need to register your business in your county or state. Having your own web site is an essential too.

A portfolio is also an excellent thing to show potential clients. If you aren't sure where to start, offer your services to family and friends in exchange for being able to take and use photographs. Your portfolio should contain photographs of any weddings you have helped to plan -- anything from the flowers and the table settings to the catering and the choice of venue. Reference letters from some satisfied clients are always a nice finishing touch.

The best way to become experienced as a wedding planner is to learn all you can about weddings -- and what makes them successful. Attend weddings, talk to those people involved such as caterers, photographers and florists. Try to get as many contacts as you can -- you will need them later. It's also worth trying to negotiate discounts with some of your contacts. And if you want to go back to school -- you can take classes that teach you all about the profession.

So now you are a wedding planner -- but where do you find your clients? One of the most effective ways to find potential clients is through your network of contacts in the industry. Make sure your business cards are visible at caterers, florists and bridal shops. You may want to advertise in the local newspaper and display your business card at such places as libraries, community centers and workplaces. And as every small business owner knows -- word of mouth is often the most effective advertising.

And one of the best things about being a wedding planner? You have the satisfaction of helping to plan what many people consider to be the happiest day of their lives.

Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Day

What did I learn from my own wedding? Work out a time schedule and stick to it. Plotting out your beauty details months before your wedding will help you remain calm and collected so that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Two Months Before

&#8226; A good skin care regimen is important to get ready for your big day but don't do anything too extreme. To bump up your normal routine, try adding I-Skin Intelligent Microdermabrasion System. 

&#8226; Moisture is so important for healthy glowing skin. Apply an oil-free moisturizer each morning before your makeup and after you take if off each night. I suggest Beyond Belief ABH Oil Free Moisturizer for your face and throat. 

Four to Six Weeks Before

&#8226; Make your appointment now to have your hair and makeup done. Schedule a consultation and try several different styles with and without your veil and experiment with more dramatic makeup. Remember the waterproof mascara. 

Two Weeks Before

Time for a trim and to touch up your hair color or highlights. Keep hair healthy with a deep conditioner twice a week. Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque is made to repair any damage and make your hair super shiny. 

One Week Before

 Schedule a pedicure but keep feet fabulous until the big day with some extra pampering. The Soothing Lavender Foot Soak can be handy if you plan on dancing the night away at your reception. 

 Don't leave any waxing until the last minute. You could end up with shiny, red skin and that isn't what you want for your wedding photos. 

Day Before

 Slip an eye mask in the freezer for a few minutes and use it to minimize puffy eyes. 

 For an always-classic look, try Sally Girl polish in Mellow for fingernails and a fun red for toenails. The small-size bottles are excellent to have on hand for touchups and the polish dries quickly. 

Wedding Day

Help the day go smoothly by keeping a small bag with beauty basics such as clear fingernail polish to stop a run, bob pins to help hold an unruly curl and toupee tape for a fallen hem.

Beauty Tips For The Bride

Every bride wants her groom to accept her 'just the way she is', and this includes her nature, her looks, and her personality. You looks are an important part of your personality and one that can (and should) never be ignored. 

Wedding days are all about looking good and feeling good. Not only do you want to look your very best, but you also want the appearance to look as natural as possible even if it means spending hours in front of the mirror with 2-3 beauticians. A smiling face that looks fresh, radiant, and confident makes a picture that is hard to forget and life long to cherish! And it’s only possible if your wedding day make-up brings out the best in you and makes you look as beautiful as you really are. 

Getting Make-Up Done By A Professional
Practice makes perfect and the bringing out the best of 'you' through wedding makeup can only be achieved by practice. Whether you get your makeup done by a professional or do it yourself, you must practice your look for the wedding day to ensure it’s the perfect compliment for your dress and mood. When getting your wedding day makeup done by a professional, you need to make sure that the makeup artist and you understand each other’s requirements completely. A couple of practice sessions should solve this issue and help you learn some tricks and ways to enhance your looks as well! 

The advantage of getting makeup done professionally is that you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong at the last minute. Besides, a professional makeup artist knows the latest trends in makeup as well as what sort of makeup will look best on your face. A trial session on the eve of your wedding with the makeup professional will ensure that both of you are prepared for the ‘right and natural’ look!

Choosing To Do Make-Up By Yourself
For those of you who don’t like to work with a professional, doing your own makeup would definitely require days of practice as well as experimentation with colors and makeup techniques. Read up over the Internet or pick up a good book on make up for brides or just hop, skip, jump to your local mall’s makeup counter to pick up some special tricks, tips, and special products that will help you in achieving a flawlessly made up look. The more you practice the more stress-free you are likely to be on your big day. 

Make-Up for the Bride’s Face
Have worked out who does your make-up it's time to know how to actually achieve a flawless and natural look for your wedding day. The best way by which you can achieve an unblemished and perfect look is to blend all the mentioned elements together and highlight all your features in such a manner that none overpowers the other. Here’s how it can be done:

Face: Have you grimaced at the sight of foundation lines seen on other brides' faces? Have you wondered how you can prevent this from happening to you? Great, because we have the answer! Unblemished and perfectly made up face require a perfectly matching foundation. The important thing to remember here is that the foundation you apply should be an exact or a very close match to your skin tone. The foundation needs to blend into your skin, easily, and give you an even and clean surface to work on. Before you buy a foundation, check it under natural light only because artificial lights can deceive you into buying a foundation which doesn’t match your skin tone at all! Next important thing is to pick a foundation that is specially formulated for your skin type. An dry skin require a foundation that also works as a moisturizer, while and oily skin require an oil-free matte foundation that captures the level of oil secretion to keep you looking fresh and shine-free for longer. 

As a bride, picking up a concealer can be a good idea because you probably won't get much shut-eye on the eve of your marriage ceremony. Mix a little concealer with your foundation to ensure it blends smoothly and evenly in your skin. Face powder is a great product to get rid of extra shine and should be used sparingly and only when required. So keep your powder box at hand, if possible, through the ceremony day. Remember to use it just before you get your pictures. 

Eyes: Best colors for eyes include muted and neutral colors that compliment the color of your dress, accessories, and lip color. Open up your eyes and make them look bigger by using a white or light colored eye shadow on the inside edges. Don't use too much glitter, though a light shimmer along your cheekbones can enhance your appearance. Finish up the eye makeup with a dash of waterproof eye liner and waterproof mascara. You can also use false eyelashes if you want to. 

Lips: Lip color forms an important part of your bride look. Use a lipstick shade that is slightly brighter than the color you usually wear so that it shows up nicely in your photos. Practice wearing the lipstick a few time before the wedding day to get comfortable. A touch of gloss and make your lips look fuller and enhance your lipstick color as well. Keep your lipstick on for longer by apply a matching lip liner all over your lips just before you apply the lip color. 

Finally, get your hair done before you get the makeup as this will help you apply the make up better and make you look a million dollars on one of the best days of your life!!

Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

Few people realize that having a beautiful wedding does not require spending their entire savings.

If you're planning a wedding, learning where to cut costs and how to budget will leave you with money to spare.

"There are many ways to have the wedding of your dreams without the nightmare of huge bills," said Anna Griffin, wedding industry expert and designer of the Wedding Studio line of wedding products. "You just have to be resourceful."

Here are some tips from Griffin on how to create a designer wedding on a budget.

* For something old, wear a vintage wedding dress. You can save hundreds on a wedding gown by shopping in consignment or vintage shops, in newspaper classifieds and on the Internet. You also can update your mother's, grandmother's or aunt's wedding dress with a new neckline or hemline, beading or lace.

* Print your own invitations. There are many wedding accessories that can be made instead of bought - the veil, the centerpieces and even the invitations. Do-it-yourself kits are available to help you create designer looks without the designer price tags.

The Wedding Studio, for example, is an entire line of paper-related wedding accessories - from invitations to menu cards to guest books and photo albums - designed for brides who want original and elegant paper goods. The invitation kit comes in four styles in three color options and includes envelopes, reply cards and printing instructions.

* Use an antique or classic car instead of a limousine. Contact a local antique or classic car club to rent a luxury vehicle, such as a 1939 Rolls-Royce or a 1952 Cadillac DeVille. Most of the owners will be thrilled to loan out their cars and you'll have more than enough room for the married couple at a much lower price. And, whereas a limousine is rented for a couple of hours, you have the benefit of keeping the antique vehicle for 24 hours or longer.

* Keep the flowers simple. Instead of hiring a florist, contact a floral-design school and hire students to provide you with flower arrangements. You also can create your own flower arrangements. Buy one color of flower in bulk. It creates a visual impact while saving money. Contact a wholesale florist; many will sell flowers directly to the consumer.

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