Wedding Tuxedo

In a wedding ceremony who gets the attention? The bride!!! Well guys it doesn't have to be this way anymore. After all we look stunning to in a tuxedo so why not just show what we're made of. This is not only her day but your day. Forget the jeans and the shirt for one day and be proud of your looks.
With so many choices for tuxedo's it can be a little confusing to choose the right one that suits you best. You can always ask your best friend or your future bride to help you select the suit that looks better on you but the ultimate decision belongs to you. You should always remember of the details of your wedding because you will choose your tuxedo according to how you decorate, where it is, when etc. But to really make the right decision, go to the store directly. A model on the internet won't give you the right impression than if you go to the store directly and feel the fabric of your new suit.

You shouldn't dare begin shopping for your tuxedo until your future wife has picked what design she wants for her dress. If you do well, this may be the last thing you'll ever do by yourself. But once her mind is made up, go. Don't wait until the last minute because there are always last minute details. 

It is not recommended to rent your tuxedo if you're getting married. However, since finance is everything in this day and age, you might get very lucky and find an out of this world deal. It doesn't happen very often but sometimes you can get good looking tuxedos for rent and as cheap as buying. So if the wallet says yes buy it. In the long run you'll be better off especially if you plan on using your tux for other special events. Just make sure you keep the same waist or the pants might be a little tight.  

I know that most guys aren't fashion gurus. Most guys like I mentioned earlier are very happy with a pair of jeans and an old shirt. But shopping for a tuxedo doesn't have to be a daunting task. Just ask yourself what you see yourself into. A traditional tuxedo or if you are more on the extravagant side there are tuxedos that come in a variety of styles that's more today and don't always come in black and white.  When should you consider a tuxedo that is only black and when should you be wearing a tuxedo that is all white??? Well the experts in fashion say that you can wear a black tuxedo anytime you see fit, but a white one shouldn't be used during winter months. 
Keep in mind to keep things fashionable. Your bride's family wants all the attention drawn on her not on you because you decided to choose the wrong attire. In other words, don't wear sneakers with your tux. Relax it's just for one day.

Jorge Valdivia

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