Here is why you should have an engagement photo shoot

Here is why you should have an engagement photo shoot

Your engagement is special—it is that short span of time filled with romance, anticipation and planning for a future of togetherness. This brief spell will be over before you know it. So you must document this wonderful phase of your relationship while it lasts. An engagement photo shoot allows you to mark your engagement in a splendid way, and this is just one of the many reasons why it is a great idea.

Best for Bride are a team of bridal experts who have helped brides with their every wedding planning need for over a decade now. They believe every newly engaged couple should have an engagement shoot, and here is why!


It is a fun way to celebrate your engagement


The excitement of being newly engaged is almost always evident in a couple, and reflects as happy smiles and radiant faces. Sadly, this doesn't last forever, as you will find yourself buried under wedding planning tasks soon afterwards. Before you become too engrossed in wedding planning, it is only appropriate that you should celebrate your new relationship status.


An engagement photo shoot is a fun way to do it and capture that special excitement on camera afresh. Whether you prefer to have a traditional shoot or to get creative, this is an opportunity for just the two of you to enjoy yourselves during this happy phase,  as your photographer clicks amazing pictures of the two of you.


Helps you get to know your photographer


If your photographer offers you an engagement photo shoot with your wedding photo package, make use of it. An engagement photo shoot is a great opportunity for both the couple and the photographer to get to know each other, and practice for the real thing! At your engagement shoot, you can interact freely with him, understand his style of working and build a level of trust.


Having a good relationship with your photographer will help him better understand your style and taste. Thus, he can capture unique photographs of the two of you in the best possible way. The session will not only prepare you for what to expect on your wedding day, the photos will also give you an idea of the quality of his work. This allows you to suggest changes if any, for the wedding.


Prepares you for your wedding day photo shoot


Unless you've attended a professional photo shoot before, you may not be aware of what to expect at your wedding. It isn't unusual for brides and grooms to freeze in front of the camera, and end up looking unnatural and uncomfortable in pictures. Your engagement session will help you overcome such a scenario on your wedding day.


The best photos are when you are comfortable, involved and having fun. Engagement photos are the sample run before the real deal. They give you an idea of what to expect and allow you to feel confident in front of the camera on the actual wedding day.


Gives you the chance to get creative and showcase your personalities


Your engagement photo shoot gives you the perfect opportunity to show who you are as individuals and as a couple. It gives you freedom to experiment with dresses, poses and places. Since there are no rules about how your photos should look, you can use this unique opportunity to showcase yourselves in your element or capture what you love at this time in your life.


Get creative with accessories, props and even poses, and your photographer can capture them in pictures that are uniquely you. Choose a meaningful location, like the place where you first met or where you frequently visit and your photo shoot will be extra-memorable. Depending on whether you want something candid or posed, discuss your ideas with your photographer and he can deliver to your expectations.


Seeing pictures of yourselves ahead of time gives you the chance to suggest modifications


Once your engagement photos are ready, you will have a good idea of how the two of you photograph. If the photos are great, you will no longer dread posing and may even look forward to the next chance.


If you aren't fully satisfied with the results, you still have the opportunity to suggest changes and discuss options with your photographer. You can point out what you do not like, or anything that is particularly appealing to you. He can plan your wedding day photography accordingly.


The photos are great for wedding stationery and gifts


Make it official by gifting your family and close friends copies of your engagement photos. It will be a valuable keepsake. You can also spice up your wedding stationery, such as Save-the-date cards and wedding invites with these images.


Many couples also prefer to personalize wedding favors like magnets, candy tins and coasters with their engagement photos. Not only will this add a personal touch to your décor and details, it will also be attractive.


Allows you to spend some exciting and interesting time together


Once you begin your wedding planning tasks, you will have limited time for each other. So, make sure you set aside some quality time for your engagement photo session, when you can relax and enjoy yourselves. It is best to have this session on a day when there are no impending appointments and you have plenty of time to yourselves.


Have fun posing, enjoying the scenery and discussing this great time in your life. Leave the rest to the person behind the camera. You can be certain that his efforts will result in some amazing photography that is as beautiful as your love story. 


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