Tips to planning a picture-perfect bridal party

Tips to planning a picture-perfect bridal party

Gorgeous wedding photos don't just happen! It requires preparation and planning. There are many factors to address if you want your wedding to look good on camera. A photogenic bridal party is one of the most important.

For your wedding album to be truly impressive, it should have splendid pictures of not just the bride and groom, but also beautiful clicks of the bridal party. Here are some valuable tips from the wedding fashion experts at Best for Bride - to ensure a picture-perfect bridal party at your wedding.


1. Find a skilled photographer

A talented photographer is an absolute must for great wedding pictures. When you choose a professional with experience, there are several benefits. Not only will he be able to capture your wedding as per your expectations, he can also offer valuable suggestions. Knowledgeable photographers can advise you on color combinations, poses, angles and styles to have a wedding that looks just as good in pictures as it actually is.


2.Plan any special bridal party pictures in advance

Different couples have different ideas for their wedding photos. If you have any clever or cute ideas for your bridal party pictures, discuss it in advance with your photographer and your bridesmaids. If you do not have any such ideas, it is good if you can find some. Search for inspiration in your photographer's portfolio, bridal magazines or on the internet. You do not want to waste time on your wedding day coming up with poses, when you can do this in advance.


3.Pick bridal party dresses that complement your wedding dress

The best wedding party photos have bridesmaids in outfits that complement the bride. So, choose your bridesmaids dresses with due care. Find a unifying element that will tie their looks to yours. Also, if you opt for the mix and match dress option, ensure that the party doesn't look disjointed. Fix one or two cohesive factors that will bring their looks come together. This could be the dress length, neckline, color or fabric.


4.Choose the wedding color palette wisely

Certain color combinations are more photogenic than others. Classic combinations are always in-style and the best choice to prevent your album from looking dated in few years time. Pick bridesmaids dress colors that are bright and vibrant for an energetic vibe. Use neutrals like gray, black and navy in moderation, so the pictures don't look severe. Also pay attention to how you use the colors in your palette. Make sure that they do not clash with your bridesmaids hair color or complexion, so they look beautiful and not washed out or sick.


5.Avoid photos that are too posed

Relax and have fun when you take photos, and the pictures will look great. Although you will have to do pose photos with your wedding party, try to keep it simple and casual. Let your girls be their natural selves and don't choose poses that can make them feel uncomfortable. Your photographer will have the skills to recognize what will look good on camera. So, follow his cues and everyone should be happy.


6.Explore options and ideas using accessories

Bridesmaids accessories will personalize and add more interest to the overall bridal party look. Choose colorful accessories that go well with the rest of their outfits. However, don't overdo color. One bold colored accessory like the shoe, hair accessory or bouquet should be sufficient to add a pop of color. Bridesmaids bouquets are a very important accessories that add to the beauty of the photos. So, choose bouquets that tie to the theme, complement your bridal bouquet and look good with the bridesmaids dresses.


7.Avoid dresses that are too short or too thin

The quality of the fabric you choose for the bridesmaids dresses will reflect in their photos. Choose good-quality fabric with a beautiful texture, so your bridesmaids look elegant and stylish. Avoid flimsy fabric and dress styles that are too simple. Make sure that your bridesmaids dress well on your wedding day, and your wedding photos will look much more attractive.


8.Mark the best locations for your group photos

It is a good idea to plan the locations for at least some of your group photos, before the actual wedding day. Find backdrops that photograph well and fix your shots in these locations. Although your photographer will have the necessary lighting equipment to photograph in any light, photos bathed in natural light always look best. So, identify locations in your venue that have plenty of natural light.


9.Get your girls in place on-time

Plan your wedding photo sessions after consulting your photographer. Your photographer will be taking pictures in batches, and you should allot enough time for each of them. He will be able to give you a good idea of how much time each set of pictures will take. Inform your bridesmaids of the time when they are expected to join you for the photos. Designate one of the girls, ideally your maid of honor, to make sure all the girls are in the right place and on time when it is time to take pictures. This will help the entire process progress smoothly.


10.Don't take it too seriously

Although you should prepare in advance for your wedding day photos, don't become obsessed with it. This will spoil the fun for you and everyone else. Relax, enjoy and make sure all those in the pictures have fun. This happiness will reflect in the photos and result in fabulous pictures.


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