Tips to look amazing in your wedding photos

Tips to look amazing in your wedding photos

Your wedding photos will be souvenirs of the most important event in your life—your wedding! Since you will put in a lot of effort to look fantastic on your wedding day, you deserve to look just as amazing in your photos. All it takes is a little planning to guarantee that your wedding day look translates well in your photos. The fashion team from Best for Bride ( have the following pointers for prospective brides and grooms to nail their wedding day look. Check it out!


Strike a rapport with your photographer

Your photo sessions will be more comfortable when you get to know your photographer before your wedding day. Meet him/her beforehand, discuss your expectations and obtain suggestions. An engagement photo shoot is a great idea for couples to familiarize themselves with their photographer. Not only will this session give you an idea of your photographer's style of working, it is also a fun way to prepare for the actual shoot on your wedding day.


Practice makes perfect

Take a look at pictures you've taken in the past. You will quickly find that certain profiles and angles look better than others. Identify the angles that look good on you. Then spend time in front of the mirror practicing similar poses. This will accentuate your good bits and hide the less desirable ones. The more you do this, the easier you can settle into flattering poses when the camera is on you. Although all your photos won't be posed shots, this practice will help you nail the ones that are.


Don't fake your smile

It is impossible to keep smiling throughout the day. So don't force yourself to if you are exhausted. Feel happy from within. When your eyes look happy, you do not need a grin to look great. Connect with the camera so your photos capture this joy. Serious poses are trendy too, so explore this option.


Choose photogenic makeup

Certain cosmetic touches look entirely different on camera than in person. So, have a trial hair and makeup run before the actual day to make sure it is alright. Fake tanning sprays and lotions, shimmer and bronzer are not photogenic. Tanning lotions create an unnatural orange complexion in pictures, while bronzer and shimmer will make you look sweaty instead of sparkly. So, they are best avoided. Although you should wear more makeup on your wedding day than you usually do, keep it simple and natural for the best results.


Emphasize your eyes

The more you emphasize your eyes, the more attractive your face will be in pictures. Wear makeup that makes your eyes larger and brighter, and it will light up your overall look. Define your eyes with liquid liner and reinforce your brows by sketching them in lightly with pencil. Choose eye shadow that makes your eyes pop and either style your natural lashes with mascara or wear false eye lashes to enhance your eyes.


Straighten up before every picture

Good postures will instantly improve your overall look, making you look leaner, taller and confident. When it's time for your pictures, take a deep breath. Then pull your shoulders back, straighten your back and tighten your stomach. Relax your neck and jaw, so you don't look too stiff or unnatural.


Touch up hair and make-up between shots

It is impossible to look fresh in all your photos, unless you touch-up your hair and makeup every now and then. Even if you use waterproof or smudge-proof makeup, the initial effect will not hold till the end of the day. So, carry a kit with all your hair and makeup essentials to quickly refresh your bridal look between photo sessions. 


Shoot your pictures in ample natural lighting

Although a professional photographer will be able to capture great pictures in every light, pictures that are bathed in natural light have an unbeatable appeal. Make use of spots in your wedding venue with plenty of natural lighting or head outdoors for your couple shots. Also certain times of the day are better suited for capturing beautiful photos. Discuss this with your photographer and plan your wedding schedule accordingly.


Trust your photographer

We cannot stress the importance of finding a good professional photographer enough. Your photographer should be capable of capturing your wedding as you intended it. Once you hire such a person, trust him to do what is necessary and deliver to your expectations. Although you should provide a basic shoot list and make suggestions, leave the rest to him. As a creative artist who has experience in shooting weddings, he will know how to document your wedding day in the most beautiful way.


Have fun and relax

You will be photographed a lot on your wedding day. So prepare yourself for it. Instead of stressing over posing and perfecting each photo, try to relax and enjoy the experience. Remember that candid pictures are just as beautiful as posed portraits. The more natural you look and involved you are in the shoot, the better your pictures will turn out to be. Have fun, be yourself and enjoy the experience. Your photographer will know how to capture your joy and the beauty of every moment of your special day in the best way possible.


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